economic support services

giving filipino communities the means to flourish

Merely giving the farmers their lands would not be enough. If they have the land, but no resources to make it flourish, then it would be for nothing.

This is where PDI steps in.

PDI realized that in order for the beneficiaries to truly have land security, sustainable agriculture and the establishment of economic enterprises must be promoted. This is so that farmers and indigenous peoples could benefit fully from technology to help them establish a suitable, viable and sustainable farming system.


strategic learnings

PDI realized the importance of skills training and education in order for farmers and Indigenous People  to make full use of their land.

A series of training sessions and seminars were attended by selected leaders or people’s organizations from the Aetas, Tagbanuas, Igorots and farmers in order for them to realize this goal.

Thanks to PDI’s partnership with the academe, these individuals underwent serious studies and training with Ateneo De Manila University’s College of Business and Management. Furthermore, they received skills training from the DOST on how to save and process their surplus, which gave birth to the Emergency Food Reserve (EFR) now used by Aetas in their respective communities.


Thru the Economic Support Services, stakeholders have realized that there can be no produce wasted if you can process and save it. Surpluses can become cash if you can find the ways and means to do that. This work also empowers stakeholders as they gain the ability to learn and be capacitated


With years of market research and experience to back them, the Indigenous Peoples and farmers have created products  produced under the PANABAY label, which is the central marketing arm of all PDI-assisted economic enterprises.

Thanks to the label, these products can be given exposure in various trade fairs and exhibits around the Philippines, increasing the stakeholders’ income earning opportunities.