Nueva Ecija Land Tenure Improvement

The Peoples Development Institute is committed to helping the farmers and indigenous people maintain and strengthen their land rights.

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Members of CASAREAL-MPC and PDI staff Legal Consultation with FLAG lawyers on the issue of CLOA cancellation
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Farms in Borac are cultivated by TUFA Igorot agrarian reform beneficiaries. Despite years of having CLOAs, they are now under threat of CLOA Cancellation and Redistribution as their land are being grabbed by people who are not farmers in the area.
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Another farm in Borac, being, with the farmer beneficiary being threatened with CLOA cancellation and land grabbing.
Bulacan 4
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Agrarian reform beneficiary lots in Laur, Nueva Ecija are being fence due to threats of CLOA cancellation and land grabbing by newcomers favored by the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR).
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The military tried to put up check point in San Isidro boundary of Nauzon to prevent civilian to install houses or any structure inside fort Maysaysay area, but the site they occupy is a private property acquired thru DAR-Land and already have CLOA.
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Dialogue at Paro office.